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Kids colors learning


Learning Colors for Toddlers is one of our best educational games for kids in which your baby playfully learns eleven colors for kids and paints coloring books. Learning colors is appropriate for toddlers age 2, age 3, age 4 and age 5.Why download our kids coloring games:- Your kid will learn 11 colors - red, yellow, blue, green, orange, purple (or violet), brown, pink, black, white and gray while playing this colors games- Learning colors for toddlers free is available in 20 languages such as English, Spanish, Russian and many others. It’s really cool that your baby can know the names of colors for toddlers in 20 languages!- Playing coloring games your preschooler will get acquainted with many new items and words. It will open your baby’s mind and enrich his or her vocabulary;- Learning shapes and colors for toddlers: our colouring games is not about colors but shapes as well. Combined study of colors and shapes for kids app free preschool is natural and easy for a baby;- Our colours games consist of 4 levels. Learning colours and remembering is in the first stage. Playing two color games to fix the received knowledge. Kids coloring books to apply the knowledge of different colors;- Coloring for kids is one the most favourite occupations so we added 10 coloring books for kids. These fun pictures will be interesting for both little boys and little girls (colouring games for girls);- You can download coloring for toddlers free - it will save your family budget without compromising quality. Apps with learning colors for kids free are an excellent way to entertain and educate your baby;- Such children learning free apps like baby coloring games can be regarded as learning games for toddlers age 2, learning games for toddlers age 3 and educational games for kids kindergarten. These learning games for kids installed on a smartphone or a tablet are just must-haves for modern parents.How to Play:- Learn colors toddler free. The “Submarine” door is for shapes and colors games for kids. After you open it, you'll be showed a certain color, along with its name being pronounced. Then, one-by-one, the baby learning game reveals three illustrative pictures to match the colour. For example, Lemon, Sun, and Chicken illustrate the yellow paint. The child will be amused by the bright cartoonish pictures that make the baby learning games highly entertaining.- Test your knowledge. The “Wood” door is for mini children games free. Come in to check the color recognition skills of your toddler in this learning apps. The child has to match colors: each of the three painted windows to the frame of similar color. It’s like playing with color flashcards in the color learning games for kids.- Set all in rockets! Under the plane door is a rocket station with three differently colored spaceships waiting to be filled with passengers and launched. The task is to find match colors flashcards and rockets.- Kids coloring! Yes, it’s the painting games! Under the space door is a coloring game with 10 pictures behind illuminators. Choose an illuminator, touch the palette and start to draw your masterpiece. The palette offers red, blue, pink, purple, orange, yellow, brown, gray, green and white paints. This mini games are similar to such baby learning apps like drawing games for kids with coloring books.There are often troubles identifying and naming colors for toddlers. These learning games for toddlers allows to teach colors the preschooler and also to correlate them with different objects. (And don’t forget to learn other language by changing them in the settings.) It is very important for children 3 years old and under to notice the visual differences between colors and for the child development itself.If you are looking for drawing games for kids and educational games for kindergarten then download our games for kids. Games like matching colors will be very useful as preschool activities!